2018 SRFC-SMD Street Run

The Robert R. Frank Student-Run Free Clinic offers full service, completely free, quality primary and preventive care to uninsured patients in Detroit. The SRFC also provides essential learning opportunities to Wayne State University’s medical students, educating and preparing them to provide top-tier care as future physicians. The clinic has been offering free primary care, medications, laboratory services, and social work to our patients since 2010. We also provide our patients with access to a referral network, insurance registration assistance, and many other community services.
The clinic is entirely supported by donations and fundraisers, with 100% of our raised money going towards patient care and operational costs. Every $1 donated allows the clinic to provide $4 of healthcare spending. It is only with the support of our generous donors and sponsors in the community that we are able to fulfill our mission of providing comprehensive care to our patients free-of-charge, all in an excellent educational environment. Money raised from our golf outing will be used to purchase medication, laboratory services, and equipment that will allow our clinic to operate and expand in the coming year. 

Street Medicine Detroit’s mission is to ensure access to quality medical care for Detroit’s unreached and service resistant homeless population. Through direct and regular outreach, we will bridge the gaps between the homeless and medical communities by building relationships and offering companionship and respect. In doing so, we hope to also address their unique psychosocial and health care needs.


Visit us at www.streetmedicinedetroit.org for more information!

This year’s event will be held on April 14th, 2018 at Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit, MI.

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In 1840, at the point on the Detroit River closest to British Canada, the United States Army began surveying local farms for the placement of new artillery post. A five point star fort was slated to have the most up to date cannon capable of firing on the Canadian shore as well as ships sailing the river.

This new fort was Detroit’s third, the first built by the Americans. In 1701, shortly after Cadillac landed, the French began building Fort Detroit, which was surrendered to the British in 1760 during the French and Indian War. The British built a new fort several years later and name it Fort Lernoult, which they occupied until 1796 when the United States took over Detroit and renamed the battlement Fort Shelby.

Following the War of 1812, Fort Shelby fell into disrepair while the threat of a territorial war still loomed with British Canada. As tensions increased along the Northern border defense that includes new forts from the east coast to the Minnesota Territory. The Detroit fort would be named for General Anthony Wayne whose defeat of the British at the Fallen Timbers in 1796 resulted in the United States occupation of the Northwest Territories.

Diplomacy intervened, however, in the mission of Fort Wayne. Before any cannon were even procured for the new fort, the United States signed a treaty with Britain that called for diplomatic solutions to their territorial disputes. The new Fort was re-commissioned as an infantry garrison, but did not see any troops until the outbreak of the Civil War, when the first Michigan soldiers reported for duty.

Because of new relationship with the Britain and later Canada, Fort Wayne never saw a shot fired in anger. The peaceful location became a primary induction center for Michigan troops entering battle in every U. S. conflicts from the Civil War to Viet Nam. Among other duties over the course of it’s 125 year use as an Army base, it served as an infantry training station, housed the Chaplin school for a few years, and was the primary procurement location for the vehicles and weapons manufactured in Detroit during both World Wars. Also during WW II the Fort housed prisoners of war from Italy.

Beginning in 1948, the Fort was given to the City of Detroit in parcels. Over the next 28 years, the City would come to own the entire reservation with the exception of nine acres still occupied by the Army Corps of Engineers. Today you can visit the original 1848 limestone barracks building, 1845 Star Fort which was renovated in 1861, the restored Commanding Officers house, Spanish American War guard house and the Tuskegee Airmen Museum. Today Fort Wayne is coming back to prominence and the preservation is underway.

The address for Historic Fort Wayne is
6325 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209
Please park to the left of the gate, and then proceed to the Visitor’s Center marked on the map where Registration will be taking place

Top Male Finisher: Gift card to RUNdetroit

Top Female Finisher: Gift card to RUNdetroit

Top Team Finishers: Gift card to La Feria

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